Executive Coaching - Elizabeth Hope Derby


Business partnership and personal development for big-hearted leaders.

I’m here to help you thrive as an executive leader and a whole person.

And everything we do together is customized to you.

As your coach and private partner, I will help you:

  • Fast-track your effectiveness, growth mindset, and work-life satisfaction as an authentic leader.

  • Define your vision for long-term success, both personally and professionally, and create a flexible plan to achieve it.

  • Strengthen your communication, delegation, and creative problem-solving skills.

  • Simplify complex challenges and complicated relationship dynamics and find elegant, strategic solutions that serve your organization, team members, and customers.

  • Prioritize your well-being and personal happiness, and practice taking good care of your people while taking good care of yourself.

Clients tell me that working together is like magic for their brain and business.

But the real magic lies in a smart, creative person like you having an experienced guide and thought partner by your side during the messy, uncomfortable process of expansion and change.

Want to read more about how coaching works? Click here to explore the process.

As a result of working with me, you will:

  • Create goals and objectives for growing yourself and your business in a sustainable way
  • Identify the hidden bottlenecks and problem areas stunting the growth in your business and career
  • Communicate more clearly as you establish meaningful changes in your organization, work and life
  • Stop people-pleasing and being a perfectionist and delegate more effectively so you can relax and show up like the leader you want to be
  • Delegate more effectively and ask for the right help to lighten your load and avoid burnout
  • Leverage your unique strengths and natural leadership style to make progress in ways that easy and feel true to you

My past clients have:

  • Increased their rates and 2-3x their incomes
  • Freed up their time and started taking real vacations
  • Gotten press features and won industry awards
  • Set better boundaries at work and home
  • Established self-care and creativity habits
  • Got their excitement and energy back
  • Hired and trained employees and delegated more to existing team members
  • Upgraded their brand messaging, website copy, sales decks, and proposals
  • Improved job descriptions, standard operating procedures, and onboarding processes
  • Increased their stamina for running the marathon of entrepreneurship by deepening their risk tolerance and emotional resilience
  • Felt more joyful and fulfilled at work, like they could keep going for many years to come

Ready to receive real support that helps you lead your life and business?


Elizabeth is not just a coach; she’s an intimate advisor and the kind of business partner every CEO needs.

She has the skills to keep me laser focused and leveling up in both my business and my mind. When I get stuck, she gets me back in the zone (and working in my zone of genius).

Because of her heart and strategic savvy, the business is stronger, and I know I won’t burn out or fail.”

Lani Neumann

Executive Producer and Founder of Necessary Media Productions

As a result of working with Elizabeth, I really stepped into my role as a leader.

I got so much more comfortable delegating and only doing the things that I am really good at. At the same time, we saw an increase in overall revenue and even more so in our profit.

Since then, we’ve doubled our company in size, and we’re putting processes in place that are setting us up for so much more growth in the future.

Best of all, running this business is so much more fulfilling for me. I like my work and the company more now than I ever have before.”

Lauren Edwards
President & CEO, Reine Digital

Elizabeth is a professional coach who helps you set your vision and achieve your dreams, one measurable step at a time.  She taught me how to effectively give and receive feedback from clients and staff and how to delegate effectively (despite how nerve-wracking it was!). She also helped me build and train a team so that I could delegate at least 50% of my client-based work each year and focus more on the management and strategy of the business. Our time together has made more of an impact than she will ever know.

Margaret Bolton Baudinet
CEO, College Solutions

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