Talent Development - Elizabeth Hope Derby


Customized business & career coaching to help top talent grow and thrive.

Give your high performers the insights and tools to reach their full potential and have fun while they do it.

I provide customized coaching and personal / professional development for high potential employees and top talent inside organizations.

These sessions are designed to help ambitious professionals develop the skills, strategies and self-awareness to reach their next level of personal and professional success. 

I can help them:

  • Increase their clarity and growth mindset as leaders, especially in new or transitioning roles
  • Develop big-picture goals and game plans for growth, both personally and professionally
  • Upgrade their communication skills with colleagues, team members, and/or clients
  • Streamline their workload and practice energy management for greater well-being and productivity
  • Strategize solutions to persistent problems and harness opportunities for growth

Results include:

  • More powerful leadership and increased self-confidence
  • Greater job satisfaction and career focus
  • Increased self-awareness and ability to leverage strengths
  • More effective communication between colleagues, team members, and/or clients
  • Lowered risk of burnout, boredom, or apathy

Elizabeth offers the perfect mix of big-picture intuitive guidance and granular strategic support.

If you’re looking for a coach who can help you figure out how to move through your biggest challenges, but also help you write a job description for a new hire or clean up an SOP to make it more fun – Elizabeth is your girl.

Prior to working with her, my business had grown faster than my systems, and I couldn’t keep up. I was struggling with feeling like I never had enough time and like I was constantly failing at getting everything done. None of my tools were working to break me out of the cycle. I knew I needed someone to help me get past my self-imposed restrictions around what my work could look like and hold me accountable as I tried a new approach.

Elizabeth helped me work WITH my own brain instead of against it. So much pressure and stress fell away. I began delegating more, doing more of what makes me happy, and building my business in a way that works for me. 

As a result of our work together, client communication and work projects are easier, I have more free time, and running my business is so much more fun! I’m taking bigger swings in my career, and every day my life looks more and more like my vision board. I feel more connected to the people around me now than I have in the rest of my adult life.”

Carly Tiegler, Founder & Lead Designer at Schematic Design Co.

Let’s give your people the support they need to lead themselves and your organization to greater success.


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