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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Hope Derby.

I specialize in providing ongoing partnership, customized strategies, and coaching support for individuals and organizations.

My strategic thought partnership and custom coaching helps them unlock new levels of growth and fulfillment in their leadership, careers and businesses.

No matter how we work together, my clients create more satisfying careers, sustainable businesses, and balanced lives.

Because my zone of genius is helping big-hearted people become true leaders—guiding them to show up and serve in ways that purposeful, powerful, and true to who they are.

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Key Results

  • Helped increase business profit by 30% in six months and hire new team members for a six-figure consulting firm by providing pricing advice, brand strategy support, and ongoing leadership coaching.
  • Supported gross sales growth from $700,000 to $1.2 million in four years  by providing ongoing leadership and mindset development as well as brand strategy and communications support for a media agency.
  • Reduced stress and reclaimed 5+ hours a week for CEO of a seven-figure consulting firm by refining executive job description, delegation systems, and communications plan.
  • Increased clients’ personal fulfillment, job satisfaction, and professional success by helping clarify their direction, make strong decisions, and create purposeful changes like restarting businesses, changing careers, establishing new habits, expanding creative portfolios, and more.

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“This past year, my company hit seven figures in revenue, produced dream projects, and employed more than 100 freelancers. And I still have the time and energy to spend with my daughter. Working with Elizabeth helped see me through to a place I only imagined my heart and business could be.”

Lani Neumann
Executive Producer and Founder of Necessary Media

“During our work together, I saw an increase in revenue and even more so in our profit. I also got so much more comfortable delegating and only doing the things that I am really good at.

Running this business is so much more fulfilling for me now. Even when I’m out of the office, nothing falls apart because nothing falls exclusively on me anymore. I like my work and the company more now than I ever have before.”

Lauren Edwards
President & CEO, Reine Digital

“Elizabeth helped me build and train a team so that I could delegate at least 50% of my client-based work each year and focus more on the management and strategy of the business. Working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Margaret Bolton Baudinet
CEO, College Solutions

“Elizabeth is one of those unique souls who has found her calling, mastered her work, and brings genuine energy to her interactions. She’s a fantastic guide who I’m grateful to have helping to inform me on my business decisions.”

Jim Harshaw, Jr.
Executive Coach & Founder, The Harshaw Group

Want a quick hit of ease and flow?

Is your brain always busy? Do you have a hard time breathing deep and decompressing at work?

When you’re constantly running from one thing to the next, it’s hard to hear yourself think, let alone make decisions from a grounded, proactive place.

This guided meditation is a quick way for you to activate your own leadership—by guiding your brain back to center and expanding your peace of mind in the middle of a busy day.

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