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Clarify your message, reach more people, and do more good in the world.

Need to find the right words so you can elevate or evolve your brand?

I can help.

I’m a longtime brand strategist and marketing communications consultant, as well as an award-winning writer and storyteller.

When I work with you as a strategic consultant, I have two very clear goals:

1) identify and articulate how your offerings and organization deliver value and stand out from the crowd, and

2) give you customized support so you communicate more powerfully and effectively with your audience.

When you know the core messages inside your brand (including your key results and main points of difference), you get a roadmap of the ideas you need to convey to reach the people you most want to serve.

That’s how you connect with more people who need what you offer and increase the impact that truly matters to you.

When we work together, I can help you:

  • Take stock of your current brand and marketing messaging and identify the inconsistencies and gaps.
  • Cross-reference your positioning against your competitors, and find new ways to make you stand out
  • Interview or lead workshops with key stakeholders to collect inspired ideas that represent the true value of your brand, including your collective skills, talent, and points of view
  • Consolidate a variety of internal perspectives into a clear and consistent value proposition
  • Develop a high-level brand messaging map that lays out key concepts and phrases you can use in your marketing materials moving forward
  • Translate industry jargon into accessible and customer friendly language
  • Recommend strategic changes and structural edits to existing brand and marketing communications to increase effectiveness and pique interest among potential customers
  • Advise and train in-house team members to communicate according to your brand messaging guidelines
  • Provide recommendations for trusted professionals in copywriting, website, development, graphic design, and more.


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Elizabeth doesn’t just spend time with your project—she crawls into your customers’ brains and speaks their exact language. She’s as professional as they come, funny as hell, and has a killer reputation that’s well-deserved. Bottom line: Her words make me money.”

Gregg Sugerman
Performance & Leadership Coach

Of course I know her flair for words, but what I love most about Elizabeth is her integrity and desire for authentic expression.

She values real, authentic, truthful communication as much as I do, and I knew she wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice integrity for the sake of persuasion.

I also knew, and valued, that Elizabeth would serve as not just a copywriter but a team member. She was, and is, part of the big picture and the long game—a crucial resource to the organization.”

Michaella O’Connor
Business & Life Coach

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“Elizabeth provided exceptional copywriting and editing expertise in helping me re-build my website.

She asks thoughtful, curious questions in a comfortable manner that draws out the essence and fosters healthy reflection and support that clarifies our narrative and how we express it. She blends big picture perspective with diligent focus on the fine point details.

Elizabeth is a joy to work with, I’m grateful for her collaboration and highly recommend her for anyone seeking to clarify their marketing messaging and personal branding.”

Randy Noe

Executive Coach & Consultant

“Elizabeth is creative, enthusiastic, and thinks out of the box. Her energy and intelligence aided us in delivering client-facing presentations which in turn grew our account sales from zero to $1M in three years. She puts 100% into every project, big or small, and I highly recommend her.”

Allison Dews
Global Account Manager,
International Flavors & Fragrances

Want to know more about my background? Here you go.

Elizabeth began her career in marketing and brand strategy for International Flavors & Fragrances, a global Fortune 500 chemical company

She worked as a marketing analyst, trend forecaster, brand strategist, and cross-departmental liaison for all fragrance client accounts in the U.S. and Canada. She developed innovative product concepts and delivered trend presentations to brand managers inside organizations like Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, and The Clorox Company.

In 2011, she left corporate life to work as a marketing communications consultant, focusing on brand messaging and copywriting support. Her clients ranging from large nonprofits to local retailers and service providers. At the same time, she sold business consulting, personal brand strategies, and copyediting support to her fellow consultants, coaches, and creative professionals.

Elizabeth also has more than 20 years of writing experience. She profiled hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs for her newspaper column in C-VILLE Weekly, a local alt-weekly magazine, for which she won a Virginia Journalism award. Her creative writing has been published by USA Today, Cricket Magazine, and others.

Today, Elizabeth works primarily as a leadership coach and strategic consultant for organizations and small business owners dedicated to human thriving and the collective good. When she’s not at work, you can find her chasing after her chatty, charming two-year-old.

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