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Ready to help yourself and your people become more effective, connected, and joyful at work? 

I work as a leadership coach and consultant for big-hearted executives, high-performing professionals, and the organizations that support them.

I provide a variety of professional and personal development services for leaders and team members, including:

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Elizabeth is not just a coach; she’s an intimate advisor and the kind of business partner every CEO needs.

She has the skills to keep me laser focused and leveling up in both my business and my mind. When I get stuck, she gets me back in the zone (and working in my zone of genius).

Because of her heart and strategic savvy, the business is stronger, and I know I won’t burn out or fail.”

Lani Neumann

Executive Producer and Founder of Necessary Media Productions

As a result of working with Elizabeth, I really stepped into my role as a leader.

I got so much more comfortable delegating and only doing the things that I am really good at. At the same time, we saw an increase in overall revenue and even more so in our profit.

Since then, we’ve doubled our company in size, and we’re putting processes in place that are setting us up for so much more growth in the future.

Best of all, running this business is so much more fulfilling for me. I like my work and the company more now than I ever have before.”

Lauren Edwards
President & CEO, Reine Digital

Elizabeth is a professional coach who helps you set your vision and achieve your dreams, one measurable step at a time.  She taught me how to effectively give and receive feedback from clients and staff and how to delegate effectively (despite how nerve-wracking it was!). She also helped me build and train a team so that I could delegate at least 50% of my client-based work each year and focus more on the management and strategy of the business. Our time together has made more of an impact than she will ever know.

Margaret Bolton Baudinet
CEO, College Solutions

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