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Team-Building Workshops

Give your team members the insights and interpersonal connections to become happier, more effective, and inspired at work.

Elizabeth designs and leads workshops for companies that want to inspire growth and authenticity among employees, bridge organizational silos, and foster genuine connection and communication between team members and colleagues.

These workshops are ideal for intimate company retreats and gatherings of women-centered employee resource groups and employee affinity groups. They guide participants to deepen their self-awareness, see each other through fresh eyes, and bring their whole selves to work.

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“I hired Elizabeth to lead a series of virtual workshops for our global Women @ Clarivate initiative. Her presence and program not only helped our employees connect across regions and departments, it helped people see that they have control—they can become happier and more fulfilled in their current jobs. Her questions got people’s juices running and really expanded their minds. She also created a format that is actionable, concrete, and sticks in people’s heads. I would recommend her and her work to anyone who wants to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, especially in these disconnected times.”

Paige Angle
Director, Customer Engagement & Loyalty at Clarivate Analytics


Elizabeth’s current workshops include:

From Imposter Complex to Confident Leader

This workshop empowers newly-promoted executives, managers, and high potential employees to navigate the discomfort and avoid the pitfalls of learning on the job.

Participants learn a repeatable process to transcend the voice in their heads that says they can’t succeed and share insights and support with one another.

They walk away with closer connections to their peers as well as a personalized action plan to growth their confident leadership in their current roles as beyond.

What’s Your Natural Leadership Style?

This workshop guides team members and colleagues to step out of their professional silos and connect with each other more deeply at work.

After completing a short self-assessment to discover their strengths and potential weaknesses, participants share their insights and personal stories with each other. They get to know each other in meaningful ways, find common ground, and forge social bonds that last well beyond happy hour.

Fulfillment in Your Work

This two-part workshop increases employee engagement and job satisfaction while fostering trust and connection between team members, peers, and supervisors.

Participants uncover the type of activities, habits, and thought patterns that bring them satisfaction and meaning in the work they do. After identifying their professional desires and strengths, they pinpoint specific mindset changes they can implement to feel more fulfilled at work.

“Elizabeth combines a warm and generous presentation style with expertise in how creative people can flourish and avoid self-sabotage. Her structured talks provide direct guidance and concrete steps to follow, but also allow a conversation to naturally develop or even go in an unexpected direction. And she’s great at handling student questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again on any type of online or in-person event.”

Jane Friedman
Publishing Consultant

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