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I built my business to 7 figures while still having time to take my daughter to horseback riding lessons.

“When I met Elizabeth, I had been a television director for over 10 years. I wanted to have the flexibility to spend time with my young daughter, so I took the leap and started my own production company. I knew I could make powerful videos for my clients, but I had no idea how to step into the role of entrepreneur and build a business from the ground up.

Hiring Elizabeth was hands down the best money I’ve ever spent and continue to spend on my business. Her teachings saved me from the burnout that comes with starting a creative business and brought the joy of doing what I love back to the forefront. Together we worked on the money blocks and fears that kept me from charging what I was worth. She helped pinpoint and develop crucial business tools including service agreements, intake forms, website copy, and email and proposal templates, just to name a few.

As my company grew, she remained my coach and intimate advisor—the kind of business partner every CEO needs. She has the skills to keep me laser focused and leveling up in both my business and my mind.

When I get stuck, she gets me back in the zone (and working in my zone of genius). Because of her heart and strategic savvy, the business is better, and I know I won’t burn out or fail.

This past year, my company hit seven figures in revenue, produced dream projects, and employed more than 100 freelancers. And I still have the time and energy to spend with my daughter. Working with Elizabeth helped see me through to a place I only imagined my heart and business could be.”

Lani Neumann, Executive Producer and Founder of Necessary Media

We increased our profits, expanded our team, and I stepped into my role as a leader.

“When you and I first connected, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Owning a business felt all-consuming and exhausting, and although the company was doing well, I really wasn’t happy. You helped me identify what wasn’t working and solve those problems one small transition at a time.

As a result of our partnership, I really stepped into my role as a leader. I got so much more comfortable delegating and only doing the things that I am really good at. I hired an operations manager and an executive assistant to help get some of the work off my plate.

I also structured our team in a way that allows everyone to grow and allows me to take a step back and not be as involved in the day-to-day client work. Even when I’m out of the office, nothing falls apart because nothing falls exclusively on me anymore.

While you and I worked together, we saw an increase in overall revenue and even more so in our profit. Since then, we’ve doubled our company in size, and we’re putting processes in place that are setting us up for so much more growth in the future.

Best of all, running this business is so much more fulfilling for me. I like my work and the company more now than I ever have before.”

Lauren Edwards, President & CEO, Reine Digital

Elizabeth offers the perfect mix of big-picture intuitive guidance and granular strategic support.

If you’re looking for a coach who can help you figure out how to move through your biggest challenges, but also help you restructure your sales page, or write a job description for a new hire, or clean up an SOP to make it more fun – Elizabeth is your girl.

Prior to working with her, my business had grown faster than my systems, and I couldn’t keep up. I was struggling with feeling like I never had enough time and like I was constantly failing at getting everything done. None of my tools were working to break me out of the cycle. I knew I needed someone to help me get past my self-imposed restrictions around what my business could look like and hold me accountable as I tried a new approach.

Elizabeth helped me work WITH my own brain instead of against it. So much pressure and stress fell away. I began delegating more, doing more of what makes me happy, and building my business in a way that works for me. 

As a result of our work together, client communication and work projects are easier, I have more free time, and running my business is so much more fun!! I’m taking bigger swings in my business, and every day my life looks more and more like my vision board. I feel more connected to the people around me now than I have in the rest of my adult life.”

Carly Tiegler, Founder & Lead Designer at Schematic Design Co.

I was able to delegate 50% of my client-based work so I can focus on strategy and management.

“For years, I had been working as a key producer and service provider for a business that I decided to purchase when the owner retired. One week later, my father died—and so too did my closest business ally and friend. I was lost, lonely, and had hardly anyone to talk to about the business and how to move it forward.

Working with Elizabeth is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When we first connected, I didn’t know what steps I should take in order to make this business my own. She met me where I needed to be—she is empathetic, but action-oriented. She seemed to hear my story and empower me to set goals of my own. Then she gave me the tools to reach those goals. More than anything, she seemed like a person I could trust.

During our work together, she taught me how to effectively give and receive feedback from clients and staff and how to delegate effectively (despite how nerve-wracking it was!). Elizabeth helped me build and train a team so that I could delegate at least 50% of my client-based work each year and focus more on the management and strategy of the business.

Beyond the day-to-day work, she has taught me how to harness my memories of the past to fuel me as inspiration for the future. She has also shown me that asking for help is just another demonstration of female strength.

Elizabeth is a professional coach who helps you set your vision and achieve your dreams, one measurable step at a time. Our time together has made more of an impact than she will ever know.”

Margaret Bolton Baudinet, CEO, College Solutions

“Elizabeth’s unique blend of authenticity, passion, and joy inspired me to change the way I show up for my business and in my life.

Her insightful questions helped me dig deep and really address the issues holding me back.

She helped me develop a clearer vision for my company as I connected with the power of my voice and my value. With her help, I’ve found a rhythm for my business that has led to greater prosperity and ease.

I’m truly grateful for Elizabeth’s coaching and highly recommend her.”

Lisa Cooper Ellison, writer, editor, and coach

“You reflected back to me my ability to own my leadership, not just professionally but personally. As a result of our conversations, I was able to pivot and adjust my sales, and we had a $168,000 pre-launch for our program.

I am forever grateful that you gave me the opportunity to figure out what was going on inside of me and how I could use that shift and grow my business.”

Tiffany Noel Taylor, TNT Divalution

“In the end, I was fast-tracked to my dream life, and even my husband received a salary increase. I have no doubt this was thanks to Elizabeth’s transformative coaching.

My first business coaching experience with Elizabeth was absolutely incredible. Her nuanced approach helped me navigate a challenging situation with my mother’s business, maintain important relationships, and embark on my own business journey. Within three months, I amicably separated from my mom’s business while maintaining my integrity and sanity. Despite facing unexpected financial costs for broken A/C during summer and an emergency vet visit, Elizabeth’s coaching remained a priceless investment. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”

Meagan Tumangan, College Exam Prep Coach

Working with you was the smartest business decision I have ever made.

“Small businesses survive on the inspirational energy of their owners. Mine is no different. The trick is to not get so beat down by the “processes” that you lose sight of the mission that inspired your vision. I cannot overstate how hard that is, especially in a seven-day food business.

Our time together was what I needed to unleash what I’ve worked so hard for. I experience our work as a “liberation” of pent up spirit. You helped me collect threads, desires, and passions that had always been there, but I couldn’t access before. You took me seriously and helped me see that yes, despite the continuous flow of challenges to my vision, what I have created has tangible value.

Brand and self-recognition is so empowering, especially for a tenured business owner. My voice has been unleashed! Not just with my business, but personally! I’ve written letters to the editor that had just been waiting for my permission! What better gift could one expect?

Taking the leap is against my nature, but if I could advise others, I’d tell them that working with you was the smartest business decision I have ever made.”

Tom Bowe, Owner of Take It Away Sandwich Shop

Elizabeth empowers women to become the clear, calm, and confident leaders they’ve always wanted to be!

Before I worked with Elizabeth, I was taking on projects and clients for the sake of paying bills instead of doing the kind of work I truly wanted. I was unhappy, stressed, and exhausted, which led to uninspiring (and sometimes sloppy) work. I knew the niche of clients I wanted (authors), but I was unsure of how I could use my talents to best serve them.

Since I started working with Elizabeth, my confidence has changed completely. I have a new sense of who I am, what I want, and how I want to run my business. I fully understand my value, which has made it so much easier to work in a way that feels good to me and my clients.

In the first quarter of the year, I billed two-thirds of my entire earnings for the year before. I might have been able to book these projects before, but I don’t think I would have asked for the price I wanted (or the terms).

In addition to the new projects I booked, I was finally able to hire an assistant. We’ve also made real-time progress in establishing new processes to help speed up/streamline my projects.

I used to spend HOURS agonizing over what to send in an email or proposal or contract, so the writing support she provides has been the biggest stress reliever for me. It’s been wonderful to be able to have someone on my team to help me organize all of these thoughts.

Elizabeth is an incredible guide. She has a way of asking the right questions to help me find the answers I felt like I had all along but didn’t know how to access. Her understanding of storytelling is unique, and her warmth and positivity is incredibly infectious. I don’t know what I would do without her by my side!

Caitlin O’Brient Bauer, Certified ADHD Coach and Founder of SF ADHD Coach

During my work with Elizabeth, I reframed my limited money mindset, revised my website strategy and updated the way I was advertising my brand.

With her advice, I was able to double my gross monthly sales. I also have an expanded sense of my own resourcefulness. I have stronger boundaries with my clients, and I feel more grounded as a business owner.

We all have our blinders. Elizabeth will help you see your blind spots and process the inner conflicts that inhibit your ability to accomplish your goals. She’ll help you identify what direction is most productive for your business and create obtainable and trackable goals to get there. Plus she’s so fun to partner up with!

Karma Shanti, coach & energy alchemist

When I connected with Elizabeth, my hope was to get back to a daily writing practice, where I would sit down with energy and verve to attack my word count.

More than that, I wanted to recapture the energy and rock solid confidence that I once had when setting out on this career path. Elizabeth has helped me do that.

I hadn’t worked with a professional coach before. It was awesome to get real support and reserve the time and focus to concentrate on my priority goal.

Now, in the words of James Brown: I feel good!

I celebrate having my writing practice back. I am feeling more confident once again in executing social media after a long break. I’m feeling more articulate about the deeper purpose of my writing career and what the sweet spot feels like.

The insights I’ve gained from working with Elizabeth have provided me with a base of true professional confidence that will stay with me moving forward.

Leeyanne Moore, writer and teacher

Elizabeth has a beautiful way of nurturing you when it’s right, yet holding you accountable to becoming the highest version of yourself.

“As a result of our work together, I feel more confident in myself and the path that I am on. I feel more confident to express my heart and soul on paper and that I do have a message worth sharing. I’ve also learned to say no and create healthy loving boundaries to create more space for myself.

Working with Elizabeth keeps me accountable to honoring what is important to me but also allows a sense of flow and ease into my life that feels very nurturing. She is the master of words and is brilliant at helping you create obtainable and trackable goals. And she helps you see your world differently by unpacking your issues, peeling back the layers, and giving your story a voice.”

Stephanie Jacobs, Mindset and Soul Coach at StephanieJewellJacobs.com

Elizabeth’s warm and inviting energy is her superpower. Her ability to create authentic connection helped me get to the root my business goals and creative voice.

After 7 years in business, everything was going great. Business was good, I had my workflow down pat. I had a system that worked. But I knew that I couldn’t just keep the status quo.

Choosing to work with Elizabeth forever changed me. I learned to transform my internal dialogue and stay true to myself while growing my business. Her energy is fun, her questions meaningful and her outcomes impactful. Highly recommended!”

Ingrid Meagher, Founder & Principle Photographer at Ingrid K. Studio 

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