About - Elizabeth Hope Derby


I help smart, creative people strengthen their leadership and work-life satisfaction while sustaining their success.

Let me help you do the same.

My professional background includes Fortune 500 marketing and brand strategy; extensive writing and communications experience; and more than a decade of coaching and consulting for high-achieving women and business owners. 

Today, I specialize in helping my clients lead themselves and their organizations to new heights—by becoming the version of themselves they always imagined they could be.

Inside my private coaching sessions, group workshops, and anywhere I work, I teach people to make powerful decisions, simplify and solve complex problems, and leverage their unique talents and resources to create positive change at work and in the world.

Key Achievements & Skills

  • Improved clients’ leadership performance, job satisfaction, and work-life balance by teaching growth mindset and self-trust
  • Empowered clients to institute healthier boundaries and work habits and refine their interpersonal communication
  • Identified improvements to client enrollment and retention strategies, with a focus on customer satisfaction
  • Recommended packaging and pricing for new and updated services
  • Improved key talking points and communication strategies for client proposals, sales decks, brand websites, and marketing collateral

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Corporate Life

Elizabeth began her career in marketing at a Fortune 500 company, working with brands like Bath & Body Works, Febreze, and Glade. 

In 2011, she launched a brand strategy and communications boutique for solopreneurs and small business owners. At the same time, she partnered with ad agencies to provide message strategy and copywriting support for nonprofits and larger for-profit organizations. 

Her business strategy and messaging support helped hundreds of  small- and micro-businesses evolve their brands to reach more clients, connect more deeply with audiences, and fast-forward the founders’ long-term visions and missions. 


In 2017, Elizabeth made the shift from brand messaging and communications to coaching and consulting. To read more about that story, click here.

She leveraged her experience in personal branding, career development, and business strategy to help high-performing women and business owners  juggling the competing demands of business leadership, professional development, and life outside of work. 

She’s since worked as a thought partner and intimate advisor to leaders and high-achieving professionals in a range of industries and organizations, often for women running high-touch, service-based, six- and seven-figure companies.

Public Speaking & Writing LIFE

In addition to her corporate and coaching work, Elizabeth is an award-winning writer, speaker, storyteller, and newspaper columnist. Her blend of heartfelt storytelling, teaching, and conversational humor has entertained audiences of all sizes, from 5 to 5,000 people. 

As a speaker, she’s been invited to present at a range of business conferences and events, and she’s been a guest on a number of business and personal development podcasts. She’s also hosted numerous corporate and creative workshops, including monthly women’s circles. 

As a writer, Elizabeth has interviewed and profiled hundreds of artists and entrepreneurial innovators, including David Duchovny, the co-founder of Gizmodo, and the creator of Beyonce’s Super Bowl dress. Her work has been featured in USA Today College, Cricket Magazine, and C-VILLE Weekly, an alt-magazine based (like Elizabeth) in Charlottesville, Virginia.

When Elizabeth isn’t guiding people to own their power and do more of what delights them, you can find her chasing her toddler around Charlottesville, Virginia, road-tripping to the Jersey Shore, or planning her next costume party. She’s also a really big fan of oracle cards, The X-Files, and standing in direct sunlight.

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