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I work with my private clients in a way that’s highly customized to their specific goals, challenges, and strengths. 

I act as a strategic thought partner and trusted advisor who provides specific guidance and support on issues in real time.

Though the ultimate goals and specific flow of each session depend on the person I’m working with, we typically spend our time on leadership development, personal growth, and solving organizational and communication challenges.

As a general includes a focus on they need to become confident leaders, build more sustainable businesses, and experience more fun and fulfillment in their day-to-day lives.

I help my clients achieve results using my
5-part Holistic Business Method:


Define your vision.

We begin by diving deep into what success looks like for you, in life as well as business. We translate this vision into actionable goals and intentions, so you can prioritize your family and personal pleasures as well as your passion and purpose at work.


Elevate your decisions.

We identify what’s not working for you and your business and make improvements that align with your vision and goals. We elevate the way you see yourself and your role in the business and brainstorm high-level growth strategies, so you make decisions with a clear direction in mind and lead from an abundance mindset.


Showcase your value.

As you shift focus away from being a 1:1 service provider and step into your CEO role, I’ll help you understand and communicate the full value that your brand and team bring to your clients.

You may decide to increase your prices, update your sales pitch, or revise your website copy as a result of this increase in value, especially if these changes will help you increase profitability or reach specific financial goals. Either way, I’ll help you think through your choices and sell your offerings more effectively.


Create systems that work for you.

We think through the systems and support structures you need to manage your energy, free up your time, and get comfortable taking vacations without worrying the business will collapse without you. I’ll help you delegate and communicate more effectively as you hire and train new or existing team members, streamline your job description, and work in your Zone of Genius.


Lead with confidence.

We strengthen your confidence as a leader by helping you tap into your inner guidance, run it through a practical lens, and take brave risks that free up your bandwidth and break through to your next level in business I guide you to manage your fear, build resilience, and trust your power to create results, so you establish a stable foundation for success inside yourself and your business, now and for years to come.

When you and I work together, we’ll customize the Method
to support your specific challenges and goals.

Most importantly, you get coached in a way that activates your power
and brings your behavior and business back into alignment.

Ready to talk about working together?


What a Typical 1:1 Coaching Package Looks Like

Coaching with me does not follow a cookie cutter curriculum.

The Method above gives us a framework to pull from, but we tailor our partnership to supporting your needs and dreams.

Each 1:1 coaching package includes:

  • An upfront visioning and goal-setting intensive to define the key changes and upgrades you want to create during our work together
  • On-the-spot coaching to solve problems in real time and make immediate upgrades in your brain and business
  • Check-ins as needed to align your energy and task list with your long-term vision
  • Customized homework assignments and reading recommendations to strengthen your skills and confidence
  • Referrals as needed to build out your entrepreneurial ecosystem and support your overall health and happiness
  • Private Zoom calls every other week for the duration of our partnership
  • Unlimited support via email and Voxer (a voice note and text messaging app)

Wondering about cost and time commitment?

The way I work is customized to the person sitting across from me.

I partner with my clients for a specific time period, based on their goals and challenges.

Typically, I offer one of two coaching packages:

  • 3 months of coaching for $6,000
  • 6 months of coaching for $12,000

When we meet to talk about working together, we’ll discuss what timeline and package duration makes the most sense for you.

Ready for more ease, joy,
and meaningful growth in your business?

Let’s do this together.


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