Your secret superpower + the law of resonance

Your secret superpower + the law of resonance

When you were born, you received a power unlike anything else in the universe.

You received the power of your soul’s truth—and a voice with which to share it.

That voice, YOUR voice, is unique among all creation.

When you were born, you became the first and last person to see the world exactly as you see it. You are the ONLY person shaped and inspired by the forces of your life and therefore the ONLY one who can describe things your way. There are people in this world who will never be able to hear or understand the truth unless they hear it from you.

If you decide to use your voice as a tool for compassion—if you speak your one-of-a-kind language through the lens of your highest calling—you will elevate the world.

That is your secret superpower. It’s the true depth of your personal brand.

Most people, of course, defer this responsibility. They spend their days in a busy blur. I just don’t have time to find my voice. I don’t even know what it is.

Too often, we take for granted the potency of our birthright. We allow fear to silence us and stress to diminish us. We parrot others instead of listening. We consume instead of creating. And so we let our own voices stagnate, shriveling like leaves without water.

Across the world, there are people who couldn’t speak even if they wanted to. They aren’t ALLOWED to have a voice. They don’t have the resources, the love, the support, the FREEDOM to find and embrace and celebrate their own highest truth and use it to change the world.

You and I live at the most remarkable time in human history. We have unprecedented access to a megaphone the likes of which the world has never seen. Right now, you can say anything you want, and with the right partnership and application of resources, you can broadcast that message anywhere in the world.

Such opportunity comes tremendous power and a tremendous responsibility. That’s why most of us fall down in the face of it. It feels like too much pressure. It feels like we’re unclear. It feels like confusion, like we don’t know what we believe or what we think or what we stand for.

But I know the truth: all of us know EXACTLY what we stand for. Most of us are just too afraid to share what we know in a public way. Because STANDING for something means STANDING UP and STANDING OUT from the crowd.

When you commit to your truth, you must be prepared to tap into your reserves of self-love. You must have faith in your faith.

Because when you stand up, you will also stare down the fear that you are wrong, that you are a fool, that you might lose the snuggly blankets of praise and acceptance and safety and inclusion in your tribe.

In our highly connected world, speaking up is scary. You can’t guarantee that the only people who will read your thoughts are the ones who agree with you.

That’s exactly why so any people run screaming from the opportunity. They see the stage, they see the megaphone, and they turn tail and run.

It’s not because they’re not smart enough. It’s not because they lack clarity or focus or drive. It’s simply because they haven’t seen anyone do what they dream—and survive.

They don’t believe it’s possible, because you have not shown them.

YOU don’t believe it’s possible, because you have not shown YOURSELF.

But darling, you can turn it all around in an instant.


Take a deep breath.
Trust yourself and your instincts.
Step up onstage and speak.

Because when you follow your heart instead of your fear, a universal law activates to support you.

The universal law is simple: when you speak from the fire burning deep in your heart, the flare of your voice streaks through the darkness, streaming gold and seeking fertile ground.

If your words reach hearts on a path like yours, they will awaken seeds of trust. They activate the awesome potential of one vision shared by strangers.

Such golden threads of connection are everywhere. They’re like invisible power lines crisscrossing physical boundaries between us.

That’s why your words have the power to electrify and jolt complete strangers into action.

You can alter the rhythm of a beating heart in someone you’ve never met. You can change the world.

This power is your birthright. It’s also your responsibility.

How will you use it today?

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