Chart a course to your next level in business.

Message Foundations helps you attract adoring clients and enthusiastic followers—
by unlocking the magnetism of your authentic brand.

If you:

  • struggle to get visible on social media or with your email subscribers
  • hesitate to put yourself out there or launch that new program you’ve been dreaming of
  • second-guess the ideas or words you use to attract clients and grow your audience

this 1:1 coaching & strategy package was designed just for you.

In Message Foundations, we craft the vision and vocabulary for your most captivating brand.

That includes marketing essentials like who you help, what you do, and how you do it differently.

Then we co-create your elevator pitch and a tagline for your business–making it easy for you to promote a consistent, authentic brand.

Best of all, we get it done FAST–within 3-5 business days!

Here’s how it works:

  • Kick off with clarity about your brand fundamentals! You’ll complete a virtual brand assessment, then answer a series of targeted questions about your unique brand.
  • Next, we meet one-on-one for a 60-minute strategy intensive. Together, we’ll choose the perfect words to attract your ideal clients and update your Brand Message Guide accordingly. (Use this PDF like a personal brand Bible: your go-to cheat sheet for messaging about your business.)
  • Use your new messages to complete my fill-in-the-blank Pitch + Tagline Guide. This Mad Libs-style workbook allows you to draft authentic content easily and quickly!
  • Within 5 business days (or less!), we meet for a SECOND one-on-one strategy session. Not only do we answer any lingering questions about your Brand Message Guide, we’ll polish your pitch and tagline so they’re ready to for the big time!

When we’re finished, you’ll have two succinct ways to express what you’re all about—on your website, LinkedIn profile, email signature, and during conversations with potential clients.

You’ll also have a shortlist of consistent, coherent phrases you can use to build website copy, marketing content, and the foundation of your personal brand.

Best of all, we get it done FAST. No more stalling or second-guessing.

So you can stop spinning in circles and start attracting ideal clients already. 

Sound like exactly what you need?

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