How to find your voice

How to find your voice

Write for 10 minutes every day.

Write down the moment. Describe what is happening, or what has happened recently. So that you have a record. So you flex your descriptive muscles. So you practice writing your ideas, your thoughts, and celebrating your life. For just 10 minutes a day.

Your voice will become stronger the more you use it. You’ll hear it the longer you listen.

The funny thing about finding your voice is this: you’ve already got one. You’re just the last to know.

We fall out of practice (or never start) because we are buried by fear.

We worry about what other people think and feel mildly ashamed of ourselves. We tell ourselves the market won’t like it, our friends will disown us, the sky will fall down and the trees will burn if anyone finds out who we really are.

Our potential is trapped beneath the leaden fear of speaking up. Of admitting we believe certain things or feel certain things.

So we censor ourselves. We feel “uninspired.”

We’re bored by our own ideas because we never venture outside our safe zone, into the blurry edges where risk and real emotion breathe.

Natalie Goldberg, memoirist and beloved creative writing teacher, put it simply: “Be willing to write with fear and danger at your side.”

Finding your voice is a process of feeling your true feelings.

You’ve got to feel pain and enthusiasm and fizzy excitement before you can convey them to others.

You’ve got to elicit and dwell in your own emotion before you can evoke emotion in others.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you can find your voice with greater ease because you have such easy access to your emotions. Your emotions smack you over the head sometimes, right? At least they do for me.

My personal journey (as a writer and a business owner) has been about welcoming these emotions. Surfing through them, not avoiding the waves.

Just let them flow. Write down how you are feeling and why.

Find and record ideas that light you up, switch you on, and ignite deep feelings your heart.

That’s how you find your voice.

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