carmelIf you can’t write your bio easily, or the answer to “What do you do?” doesn’t roll off your tongue smoothly, you need to work with Elizabeth.

“I was stuck on how I could create the distinction between myself and many other life coaches who do the same thing. Initially I struggled with the About Me page on my website, and then realized I needed help with the messaging.

Our work together felt very collaborative. You were asking the right questions, and the fact that we did it together in that moment meant there was no place to run or hide or put off to “never”.

During our call, I realized that I was ignoring a big part of myself, and I could feel my body light up when I spoke about it. I realized that I could use that part of me to add a little accent to what I offer.

Now I feel clear, and happy, and it FEELS right in my heart. I even started writing out my signature program, which is something I had wanted to do a long time ago. I’d recommend this to all entrepreneurs looking to find out how to brand and position themselves.”

Carmel D’Arienzo, lifestyle coach + speaker 

I can finally envision the value I bring to my client in a practical way.

“It was very difficult to find a writer that was able to capture the language of my coaching speciality and, more importantly, my ideal client. You were able to capture my voice in the client’s language and needs.

I appreciate your wisdom, insight, and patience with my process, and your humor, ease, and expertise made the experience feel special.”

Claudia Barnes, life coach and speaker 

jim harshawElizabeth has taken a topic that, for most of us, is very nebulous and hard to grasp and made it concrete and actionable.

The power of our story can change the very bottom line of our business, and her step-by-step process makes telling our story in a powerful way a very attainable goal.

Jim Harshaw, success coach at Jim Harshaw Communications

Can I implant your vocal abilities in my brain?

When I signed up for Message Foundations, I felt stuck in my branding. I had an image of how I wanted to portray my work and myself, but I struggled with how to express it.

Working with you was awesome!! You really cared about what I was trying to do, and you were behind me 100% to help me express it just right. I just loved your approach and felt like you totally got me. Like you almost got me more than I get myself, lol.

Now I have a great tagline to put on my new website, plus a succinct way to explain what I do and who I serve that I can use for social media, networking events, and interviews. I also have more clarity on how to appeal to clients when I talk and write!

Shrell Krawczyk, Certified Eating Psychology Coach at

lauren dobey headshotSeeing what you wrote for the first draft felt like being a kid on Christmas. It was so exciting to see my vision come to life. You are so gifted to take the jumble of thoughts in my head and have them not only make sense but make them sound like me.

Plus you’re fantastic to work with, super professional, with a high degree of integrity, which I love. Such a great experience and I can’t wait to work with you again!

Lauren Dobey, business coach at

ma 2Even my business coach read the copy and said, “Now I want to take your course!”

When I started looking for a copywriter for my sales page, others felt too aggressive or depending on gimmicks or sex appeal. I value people being real, including those I create new work with.

Your work felt the most real, authentic, magical, and fierce, and I knew I could trust you with helping me give birth to my sales page copy. You are my copy doula!

Now I am confident my message is being conveyed in a way that reflects how I truly am—but amped up to create excitement and anticipation about the course without it being overly salesy (which was very important to me).

Margarita Alcantara, Licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki Master/Teacher

Bottom line: Elizabeth Derby’s words make me money.

This is the third time I’ve worked with her, and her killer reputation is well deserved. She doesn’t just spend time with your project, she crawls into your customers brains and speaks their exact language. Her first drafts are totally “site-ready”, and her second drafts are pure fire.

She’s professional as they come. Funny as hell, and one of the hardest working writers I have ever been around. Only hire her if you want incredible copy that will make you money!

Gregg Sugerman, Life Coach at

I wish I’d known about you at the beginning of my branding journey! I love how you pulled together and shone a light on what makes me unique and differentiates me from others.

It felt so good to have someone condense my many words and thoughts and visions into clear and precise statements that kick ass. 🙂 And now I have one sentence (instead of 10) that explains the Big Prize I deliver to my clients!!! YAY!

Silke Miller, Life Balance Coach at Evolution Health Coaching and

I loved working with you. Your intellect, your appreciation for true authenticity, your humor.

You made me feel very comfortable and your insight is powerful. You made a lot of other marketing and social media themes very concise. Oh, also you have some super great resources!

H.J., Actor, Writer and Comedian

headshot purple 1200

Elizabeth listened and guided me through a process of understanding who my ideal client was, the problems she was seeking to solve, and the solutions I offered.

She then provided templates that structured my writing process. Finally, she spiffed up and organized my writing so it read smoothly and coherently.

You patiently allowed me my process and at the same time, held the container and structure to keep moving me forward so that by the end, I came to a place of clarity.

I really appreciate the time we spent together and think you are a really gifted writer and editor. I feel honored and blessed to have worked with you.

Linda Ugelow, Mindset Mentor and Visibility Coach at

I kept asking myself, ‘What value do I give people as an artist?’ With artists it’s easy to think, ‘It’s just art. I might as well give it away…’ But now that I’ve gone through this journey with you, I understand my true value.

Rebecca Rosman, Artist at

dottie hager headshotI am in awe of the way you took what I said and made it meaningful and clear.

I appreciated the way all the questions you asked me (whether ahead of time or during the interview) came together in my sales page. You were so willing to take my scattered thoughts and pull them together to create a great document and talking points.

Thank you SO MUCH!!! I love reading my document. Thanks for taking me on.

Dottie Hager, Life Coach for vibrant retirees at

WOW!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing writer! You have such a beautiful gift!

I can tell you are also quite intuitive yourself. Only a sensitive woman could grow herself into my words to arrange them to match my frequency!
Totally impressed—so much gratitude for you!

Erika Graiff, Shamanic Life Coach at Becoming Luminous Women

You’re a great partner to have on a brand new adventure! You are so open and give easily, and that makes it really easy to talk with you, which, in the end, helps me to find clarity in my thoughts!

I felt very comfortable talking with you about my plans, and you had great insights and suggestions. I loved the format that you sent to me after our meeting. It’s so helpful to have those notes in front of me.

Robin Bosley, lifestyle blogger

randy noe headshotYou really hit the mark well. You’ve been thoughtful and careful in your approach, guidance and direction. You’ve listened and distilled the essence with patience and diligence in your thorough edit review. Our collaboration has really enabled me to have much greater clarity and get my story right! THANK YOU for your assistance and hard work. I appreciate all you do and your professional, and personal, excellence.

Randy Noe, Executive Leadership Coach at

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