Right now you stand on a familiar shoreline,
staring out at your next big adventure.

That adventure includes:

  • Growing your online presence and profitable, authentic business
  • Booking large-scale speaking engagements and writing a book or two
  • Inspiring others to see themselves differently and changing the world from the inside out

There’s just one problem: You don’t have a focused brand foundation to carry you into the star-studded horizon.

You struggle to articulate your message, find words that resonate with dream clients, and showcase the REAL you (not to mention the value of your premium products and services).

That’s where I come in.

I’m an authenticity addict, award-winning writer, and very tall book nerd from the Jersey Shore.

From my sunny office in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, I’ll give you full access to my unique blend of 15 years of creative writing experience, journalistic interviewing techniques, and Fortune 500 marketing insights.

I’m here to give you the perspective, partnership, and frameworks you need to transform your marketing into a creative expression of your soul.

Because no hero succeeds without help.

I’ve helped dozens of coaches, creatives, and online entrepreneurs find their message and make their mark—whether they’re business consultants in Sydney, interior designers in Bogotá, or Reiki masters in New York City.

My co-creative process includes interview-based research, persuasive copywriting techniques, and mining your story for your big ideas.

I train, teach, and collaborate with clients so they can:

  • Embrace creativity and write with courage and clarity
  • Ditch the asshole editor who lives in our heads and tries to prevent us from sharing our ideas with the world
  • Flip the script on shame and see personal struggles as a gateway to our gifts
  • Veto pushy sales tactics and meaningless marketing jabber, attracting sales through expert enthusiasm instead

I believe:

  • Your life lessons are universal truths—and they resonate (deeply) with your ideal clients.
  • True stories reveal how connected, compassionate, and spiritually conscious we are.
  • Expertise does not equal perfection (though my inner perfectionist hates me for saying it).
  • My highest purpose includes loving people, animals, and the planet—and eating a lot of Peeps.

I have a secret I want you to know:

You don’t need a red cape, white horse, or sworn enemies to become a hero that changes the world.

All you need is a message that leads others to greatness and a gift that allows you to serve. When you find the courage and clarity to share them, you begin to live your hero story.

It’s easy to look like a pro on paper.

Finding the courage to raise your voice and own who you really are?

That’s a challenge of epic proportions.

At least it was for me.

You know that feeling, that wild urge, to shove away from safe harbors into seas unknown? The one that compels you to take brave action despite palm sweats and tears and the boss who hands you a tissue, at which point you blow your nose like a foghorn and promptly announce “I quit”?

Me too.

Once upon a time, I had a well-paid marketing job. My supervisors loved me so much they painted the office wall purple (my favorite color).

But at night, in secret, I waltzed with my 14-year-old self, the girl who read poems at open mic nights and vowed to become a writer.

I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz when she’s elbows-deep in the poppy fields. Days spilled into weeks. Months rolled into years. I was desperate to wake up, to find my purpose, and live a life rich with realness.

I said goodbye to security, moved seven hours south, and created a website and online portfolio. I chose the fancy-ish title ‘marketing communications consultant’ and began introducing myself around town. I began writing copy for a local ad agency and landed a freelance gig for the newspaper. I began working for small business owners who needed to stronger brands online.

In theory, I’d made it.

In my mind, I was toast.

A voice in my head hissed, You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re a liar and a fraud.

As referrals poured in, the voice got louder. I obsessed for hours over single sentences and prepared for meetings to the point of exhaustion.

After nearly 3 years of brutal effort, I couldn’t take any more. All the learning and practice in the world couldn’t silence that voice in my head.

So I hired a business coach who told me to stop doing work I didn’t like just because someone would pay for it. She gently suggested I create services that actually brought me joy.

On the eve of my 30th birthday, three years after I quit my job, I grit my teeth, held my breath, and trialed my first story-based branding package. My testers loved it—and the world didn’t end.

When I walked into the fire of my biggest fears, I stepped into my power, too.

Now I work with entrepreneurs everywhere, using meditation and gratitude to anchor me. The voice pipes up on a regular basis, but I hear its words differently now. It’s  just risk-adverse, prone to going bananas when I bring my message to the world. Fear is a sign that I’m on the right path.

Because these days, guess what? I rarely feel comfortable.

Instead, I feel alive.

You become a heart-centered hero long before you feel like one.  

So it’s high time you recognize who you truly are—and start building your epic brand.

Ready for your transformation (no red cape required)?

Let’s have an adventure.

The Bio Where I Talk about Myself in the Third Person

Elizabeth Hope Derby is a message strategist, brand story coach, and award-winning writer for creative entrepreneurs. She’s a columnist and contributor to C-VILLE Weekly and multiple story slam winner with Big Blue Door, a true storytelling group in Charlottesville.

Elizabeth began her career in sensory marketing at a Fortune 500 company, creating new product concepts and trend presentations for fast-moving brands like Febreze, Glade, and Bath & Body Works. An engaging speaker, she sold these ideas to brand managers and product developers across the country.

Now she helps soulful entrepreneurs blend marketing and artistic techniques to communicate and write about their ideas with clarity and confidence. When she’s not sending stories into the world, you can find her road tripping to the Jersey Shore, reading Dave Barry, or eating sprinkles by the spoonful.

Stop boring the pants off your readers. You're way too fun for that.